10 things you insurance cover and you did not know

The most repeated mantra insurance customers is: “never forgets to charge me but when something happens at the end, half of the time the insurance does not cover.” The insurance industry argues that policies clearly stipulate what claims are covered and which ones are not. The opposite also occurs frequently: there are mishaps that the insurer could take, but the client does not know you have that coverage.

Mischief child

If you go to an optical and your child breaks an expensive glasses … do not worry. Your home insurance liable for damages. This is the case with most policies. This type of coverage is known as a family responsibility and assumes that the insurer is responsible for damage caused to third parties by any member of the family, even though they have not produced within the housing. By the way, the family also includes domestic service, and pets!

Leisure and alcohol

Saturday June evening barbecue at the house of friends. Two beers, wine, a mojito … and it’s time to go home. What to do? The insurer Direct Line has since 2007 a ​​specific coverage for such situations. A driver who has consumed alcohol or feels unfit can call the company: a crane will pick up your car and take you to their home, and he and his companions will be transferred by taxi at no extra cost. Only three limitations only applies to children under 26 years between midnight and seven o’clock, and less than 24 kilometers.

Assembling IKEA

Many people have a hard drink when unpacked a table LIATORP IKEA. The mere thought of facing dozens of pieces and screws makes them have cold sweats. So Ampere included in your home insurance additional coverage to assist the insured with these and other DIY tasks, such as placing bathroom fixtures to the replacement of the tank. It also includes the launch of electronic equipment. Coverage includes technical and displacement of up to three hours of labor in the insured home.

IPhone and pool

With good weather, come the meetings at water’s edge. Whether on the beach, river or pool, more than one will last you finished soaking has not realizing I had the phone in his pocket. In this case, the first thing to check is if we had some kind of specific insurance for your phone. Operators sometimes include packs with coverage for these accidents. We must also analyze how the incident was. If you have been a third party who has caused the fall, it could claim compensation from your home insurance.

Child molestation

With the widespread use of social networks is becoming more common that children suffering from harassment through mobile or computer. Service digital protection against violence to minors insured allows, to alert the insured, a report certified accuracy that can serve as a test document in filing a complaint is issued.

Travel abroad

A little known coverage of home insurance is that, in many cases, include travel assistance insurance. Thus, if the child has suffered a mishap on a trip with friends when he was in London, his father may claim the insurance travel costs and the costs of support in the hospital. This type of coverage also work when, in a trip, a close relative dies: the insurer will pay the travel costs.


Suffer an accident or injury is when a casual sport may be covered by home insurance is practiced. When it comes to practice and an amateur athlete is federated, most sports associations have some sort of specific coverage for its members. So, if it causes injury to a third party for the impact of a golf ball, it is very likely to be an insurer to take charge of compensation.

Flat tire wheel

Auto insurance coverage usually include roadside assistance, among other things, allows the insured to call a technician for replacement of a wheel when punctured. Also typically it includes repairs on site, where they can be performed in less than an hour. These policies is very common that incorporate legal aid, allowing the insured to appeal a traffic ticket. It has also begun to join the coverage ITV: a technician picks up the car to pass the Vehicle Inspection.

Suffer a holdup

Being a victim of a robbery on the street is a traumatic experience. At least, the sufferer may receive compensation for stolen items and money. Some companies have begun to include in their home insurance compensation for theft suffered in public, even shoplifting. Insurance credit card will pay compensation in the case of theft suffer a cashier.

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