4 types of car insurance that you can hire

You do not know what kind of car insurance choose? Find good coverage of each to choose the method that suits you.

The purchase of a vehicle not only requires initial investment it represents, but it is necessary to address other maintenance costs derivatives such as fuel, oil, maintenance, tires, etc. Also, whether we buy a used car or a new car is mandatory out insurance to cover damage, thus a new major fixed expense that we must consider is generated.

The different forms of contracting insurance for our car will allow us to adapt to certain prices, assuming higher or lower risk depending on mode. Depending on the age of the vehicle and the type of driver we are you can assess what insurance is more appropriate for us and consider the price that we pay.

Four mode for car insurance are given below:

Third party insurance

Includes a mandatory liability insurance for accident in which damage have been for us to be offenders, is insurance that bear the repair costs of the damaged vehicle. Furthermore, this insurance covers damage to the driver of the vehicle and its occupants. Keep in mind that there are limits established by law and that before an accident caused by the contractor suffered no damage your car will be covered. Security often employed by those who are not prone to accidents, but considering that if the vehicle is new this insurance does not cover damage to it, so if this is the case it would be more advisable other modalities of hiring safe.

Insurance to expanded or combined third

According to the insurer the name may vary. It includes standard insurance coverages to third parties and is complemented by the ability to cover damage in the moons, as well as vehicle theft or fire.

Comprehensive insurance

Composed of all insurance benefits to third parties and also combined with personal accident coverage of the occupants of the insured vehicle and damage in that car. Type of insurance preferred by those who have just buy a new car or Km 0.

Comprehensive insurance risk franchisee

It differs in that accident the insured pay established fixed part and the rest will pay the insurance company. It is a modality that is spreading and is becoming increasingly popular for having the advantages of a comprehensive insurance at a reduced when considering appropriate risk sharing (franchise) with the insurance price.

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