5 common mistakes when hiring liability insurance

The provisions of traffic regulations Maryland not only generate better road habits, but also a potential savings in the costs involved motorists have an accident.

Data National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) indicate that 20% of car accidents that occurred in the capital during 2016 the driver fled the scene, a situation that could be reversed with the new vehicle system.

If those drivers had had insurance liability would have been possibly answer for the damage caused, because this coverage usually has no deductible, “says the officials in Maryland.

The cost of a policy of this type ranges between $800 to $1,000 a year, an investment that should take care from the moment being acquired insurance.

Therefore, the executive shares the most costly mistakes that could incur a motorist when purchasing a liability policy:

Not knowing the extent of the contracted coverage

It seems a platitude, but your policy may give you headaches when having to make it effective, because of the restrictions that have some insurance to cover an accident, such as limiting the number of covered events or impose an amount to the contractor: the so-called “deductible”.

Underestimating the amount of the sum insured

Comply with the regulation does not exempt the insured bid for the maximum benefit when the insurance. It is desirable that the insured amount of liability is at least $3 million, since it is the minimum amount that will offer coverage at both state and federal level.

Disregard “locks” that invalidate your insurance

Although it is rare, do not forget to check whether your liability insurance provides for penalties if the driver is not the same as the contracting of the policy. This simple detail could give you more problems than solutions.

Not knowing the limits of your policy

Disregarding exclusions is to ignore the situations in which your policy could leave you homeless. Reading them in detail know for sure under what terms and to what extent you are insured.

Sign a contract “tainted”

The difference between 2006 and 2016 model goes beyond a number. No matter how trite it sounds, check both your data as your vehicle are correct in the face of the policy.

If you have an error of this type, you must apply to the insurance rectify within 30 days.

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