Car insurance to third parties

What is a car insurance to third parties?

Among the different types of car insurance, the most basic, and therefore cheaper, is the third party insurance. With this election we comply with the mandatory law dictates insure the car with liability coverage.

This means that the insurance company takes over the material and personal damage we may cause to another vehicle. But if the accident has been for our cause, the insurer is not liable for any damage caused in our own car. From there, the entities provide intermediate formulas to ensure the vehicle, extending coverage beyond the basic to third parties, but of course, and the final premium dearer.

Therefore, car insurance to third covers liability mandatory – that which is established by law- and voluntary civil responsibility. But as competition in the market is very high, it is becoming more common additional coverage‚Äôs that make complete this basic insurance are added: travel assistance, legal expenses insurance, accident insurance driver…

Voluntary liability implies an increase of guarantees covering severance pay in case of loss, which is recommended, because if you have only compulsory civil responsibility and confront a major accident, the coverage will be widely insufficient, which can lead to financial ruin of the insured. Yes, still does not cover the damage to the car itself as responsible for the accident is oneself.

Another insurance usually includes the policy to third parties is travel assistance. Means that in case of accident, breakdown or accident starts an emergency service that sends a crane to tow the car to a garage, a mechanic to assess the damage, a taxi to pick up passengers or ambulance if there was rough.

This coverage can be from kilometer zero, both for the car and for people, or sets limitation. For example, it is common to be from kilometer 0.5 to not be responsible for starting problems, or from kilometer 25 for people not to incur transportation of passengers when they are in their own city and has means public transport to reach. The company usually have a helpline open 24 hours a day.

The legal expenses insurance covers the costs of a trial, legal fees or the posting of bonds in case of an accident.

Sometimes the car insurance to third parties includes coverage for accidents the driver. This means that in case of death, physical injury or require health care, the company indemnifies the customer or their beneficiaries. This insurance is only applicable for the driver and if there is a responsible third party, for then the company would otherwise who would take over. Nor does it cover the occupants of the car insured, who are already compulsory liability.

In the event that a car insurance Basic coverage or third parties does not meet our demands we can always choose to employ other methods, such as insurance expanded third , where a wide variety of types and prices on the market or contract coverage most comprehensive, the so – called all – risk insurance , which presents two options, with or without franchise. Like everything depends on our profile, our use of our vehicle, needs and budget that count.