Choosing a health insurance

Do you know all the options when hiring health insurance, how much it can cost or what coverage’s you should never miss in the policy are? If you still do not know and you’re thinking about hiring one it is best to first analyze all these points.


Insurance vary widely and are subject to an infinite number of clauses that, in many cases, unknown; so it is advisable to read the specifications to subject each of them before making a decision and hire.

Health insurance are divided into several types: individual insurance, family insurance and group insurance, which put the average annual premium for each 600 euros.

The more general clauses affecting, at first, the price of health insurance are the age, the sex, and the population in which it resides who intends to purchase health insurance. Although, add toppings or expand people who want to include in the policy may increase the insurance rates in a good amount. Even the profession that exercise can make us change the price of the policy.

The possibility of creating safe as causes conditions in each company vary widely, so evaluate different options to buy a policy is highly recommended. In addition, currently there are many insurance companies that provide their services, so the offer is very varied.

Variables that affect directly

The sex is one of the variables that most influence the price of insurance. Policies for women of childbearing age are usually more expensive than those of men. However, due to the services and attention that can reach pregnant women need.

Instead, after 60 years, the positions are reversed. The insurance price increases for men because they are a risk factor and often need more care as they age.

Thus, differences in the final price of health insurance can vary by more than 100 euros between a young person (between 20 and 25 years), or an adult over 60 years.

The place of residence is one of the factors that have impact on the total amount of insurance. Sometimes it is difficult to understand this factor that impinges so directly in the price. The explanation for this is that health services have the same cost in one or another autonomous community; as well as personnel costs and technology, which does not cost the same in each territory, so policies vary by geographic location in which we find ourselves.

We all want to be covered against possible contingencies

Health care insurance are the most demanded by the population. They usually offer a standard coverage including, in most cases, medical, hospital and surgical care. This type of insurance have a number of agreements with clinics and hospitals, plus some doctors determined that policyholders can be cared for in comfort in these centers, regardless of where they are.

Changing insurance agents

Like it or not, the insurance is something that cannot be ignored or avoided. There are many types of insurance that are required by law, while others are necessities and others are purely a luxury. Regardless of the type of policy insurance or what is actually designed to protect, you do not need to carry out business with only one insurance agent.

If you feel uncomfortable with the agent currently responsible for one of your policies, you can change agents keeping your insurance policy. On the other hand, if you think your needs would be met more effectively by another agent in another insurance company, you’re free to change carriers at any time.


Change agents within the company

  1. Find another agent representing the same company. Most insurance companies on all those that sell homeowners insurance and offer services for vehicles, have multiple locations in most cities. If you’re local insurance agent is not meeting your needs, but you feel comfortable with the coverage you have and the premium you pay for a change in the nearest office can solve your problem. Search the phone book or on the web page of your insurance company addresses other agents in your area.
  2. Visit to another potential agent. Before starting the formal changes, visit the office of another insurance agency and meet with the agent who will handle your account. Ask questions relevant to your experiences with your current agent and determines whether this new office location will satisfy you.
  3. Contact the insurance company. Once you’ve decided on a new agent, call the insurance company that issued the policy and inform them that you like to have your served by a new agent account. Give her department customer service your number of your insurance policy and contact information for your new agent. If necessary, explain the reasons for the search for a new agent.

Switching to an agent in another company

Find another insurance company. If you think your needs would be better served by changing insurance company completely, look in the yellow pages of your local phone book or search online to locate another agency in your area to be able to provide the kind of coverage you need. Notes addresses and phone numbers of agents within those companies that meet your criteria, then contact them to discuss your situation.

We suggest the identification of at least three candidates and interviewing each of them before making a final decision. Explain why you’re looking for a new insurance agent, why do you think that a new company will be beneficial and make the right questions to ensure that your problems or concerns above will not be repeated again in the new insurance company.

Meet the new agent. Schedule a convenient way to visit your new agent in his office hour. Take your current insurance contract or on the policy statement and so comparable quotes can be prepared by the new insurer.

Acquires a new policy. Once your new agent has provided contributions and have discussed the pros and cons of a new policy to complete the necessary documentation to obtain new coverage. When your new policy is in effect, contact your old insurance company and please give them instructions to cancel your old policy.

Tips & Warnings

  • When searching for a new insurance agent, consider seeking the assistance of an independent insurance agent, rather than a captive agent. An independent agent can offer policies from several companies, while a captive agent can only sell insurance from a specific provider.
  • If you decide to change your insurance company, do not cancel coverage or finish your old policy until you are sure that the new coverage is in place. This will ensure that no gaps appear in your protection and leave you without important coverage.

Card member itself must have insurance

How issuers have reacted?

Many companies set their own quotas, such as appliance stores, they no longer have to keep visa fees demand. Right now it is really when the consumer and financial issues user will see healthy competition; where companies will be able to call and get the attention of users through improved implementation programs of the cards. Consumers can look for the best option in financial issues.

Have you identified other actions taken by issuers?

Han pressed on the issue of benefits. They said they were going to charge certain benefits to the cardholder. Issuers are complying with what the law says but they do so by way of pressure. The Constitutional Court (CC) decided not to process the interim injunction to suspend the validity of this legal framework, but even they have announced resources. We are still waiting for that trigger, as they have announced.

What do you propose?

Use the credit card as payment and no financing. If the user wants funded, to find another option, either trust or mortgage.

The law also provides drastic penalties card cloning. Users, be very careful when canceling credit card not lose sight card. The most important thing is to develop a family budget, to know how much money you have available per month and what this is intended to pay the Credit card.

Car Insurance

Fill in one form and compares over 30 budgets

You can compare the price range that offer insurance as well known as Allianz offers companies specializing in cheap car insurance as Hotline, Alumna or Direct Insurance.

Value hedges to help you decide

Detail Car Insurance Policy Our system does not just provide a simple comparison, but goes beyond. It includes a comprehensive assessment of the main coverage’s offered by each policy, since under a common name as “insurance” important differences in the amount and scope of items covered by each insurer hide.

If we compare such a policy throughout most basic risk of an insurance company low cost with standard policy, you will see that in case of accident during the 3rd year of age of the vehicle, the compensation paid by the low cost entity is about 30% less. Given that the average price of a car in Spain is 20,000 €, this would mean a difference of 6,000 €. In other words, we would have saved a few hundred euros on car insurance in the first years to lose thousands in the event of a major incident, who after all was why we had hired the policy.

Save € 1,200 over the life of your car

Try our comparator to analyze the market offers with your current insurance, both in terms of prices and in terms of coverage. Based on this you can determine your potential annual savings. If, for example, you save 150 euros per year over the lifetime of a vehicle 8 years would total savings of 1200 euros! Once you find the insurance that suits you, contact easily with it, because in the search results page we provide the link with the companies through a reference so you do not have to repeat your data when hiring your car insurance.

Car insurance to third parties

What is a car insurance to third parties?

Among the different types of car insurance, the most basic, and therefore cheaper, is the third party insurance. With this election we comply with the mandatory law dictates insure the car with liability coverage.

This means that the insurance company takes over the material and personal damage we may cause to another vehicle. But if the accident has been for our cause, the insurer is not liable for any damage caused in our own car. From there, the entities provide intermediate formulas to ensure the vehicle, extending coverage beyond the basic to third parties, but of course, and the final premium dearer.

Therefore, car insurance to third covers liability mandatory – that which is established by law- and voluntary civil responsibility. But as competition in the market is very high, it is becoming more common additional coverage’s that make complete this basic insurance are added: travel assistance, legal expenses insurance, accident insurance driver…

Voluntary liability implies an increase of guarantees covering severance pay in case of loss, which is recommended, because if you have only compulsory civil responsibility and confront a major accident, the coverage will be widely insufficient, which can lead to financial ruin of the insured. Yes, still does not cover the damage to the car itself as responsible for the accident is oneself.

Another insurance usually includes the policy to third parties is travel assistance. Means that in case of accident, breakdown or accident starts an emergency service that sends a crane to tow the car to a garage, a mechanic to assess the damage, a taxi to pick up passengers or ambulance if there was rough.

This coverage can be from kilometer zero, both for the car and for people, or sets limitation. For example, it is common to be from kilometer 0.5 to not be responsible for starting problems, or from kilometer 25 for people not to incur transportation of passengers when they are in their own city and has means public transport to reach. The company usually have a helpline open 24 hours a day.

The legal expenses insurance covers the costs of a trial, legal fees or the posting of bonds in case of an accident.

Sometimes the car insurance to third parties includes coverage for accidents the driver. This means that in case of death, physical injury or require health care, the company indemnifies the customer or their beneficiaries. This insurance is only applicable for the driver and if there is a responsible third party, for then the company would otherwise who would take over. Nor does it cover the occupants of the car insured, who are already compulsory liability.

In the event that a car insurance Basic coverage or third parties does not meet our demands we can always choose to employ other methods, such as insurance expanded third , where a wide variety of types and prices on the market or contract coverage most comprehensive, the so – called all – risk insurance , which presents two options, with or without franchise. Like everything depends on our profile, our use of our vehicle, needs and budget that count.

Can I get insurance if my home is rented

Renters insurance (renters insurance) provides financial protection against loss or destruction of personal belongings when you inhabit a rented dwelling, whether a house or apartment. Although your home may feel embarrassed if you are the victim of a robbery or is affected by a fire, their personal belongings are not protected or covered by insurance owner’s home. And since the vast majority of cases do not give renters insurance coverage for the building or structure housing, but covers their own belongings, this is usually relatively inexpensive.

In general, renters insurance provides compensation for damage to the contents of the housing effects of fire, smoke, vandalism, theft, explosion, winds and storms (Hurricane) and water damage, except in the case of flooding, as in the homeowners insurance ( homeowners insurance ), it must be purchased separately.

As in the case of homeowners insurance, renters insurance also provides liability coverage to policyholders. This coverage includes legal defense costs or payments due for damages caused by you, other members of your family or your pets against third parties. And even if this damage occurs in another different from his rented residence, such as place while you are on vacation.

Renters insurance also provides funds for additional living expenses elsewhere while occupying the house at that time is being repaired due to an accident included in the coverage. Most policies reimburses the difference between regular living costs and additional costs they may incur for a limited time or maximum amount.

  • Renter’s policies allow you to choose between two types of coverage:
  • Replacement cost of the property: Pay the price to replace your damaged, lost or stolen with similar products without the use or deduct depreciation have been accumulated while in his possession, up to a maximum amount of your policy items.
  • Actual value of the property: Pay the amount to replace their damaged property, lost or stolen, minus the amount corresponding to the depreciation.

Generally, insurance policies tenants have ceilings applicable to items such as jewelry, art collections, antiques, electronics, computers, etc. If you have these belongings and exceed the limits of your policy ask your agent to quote an annex the policy for those items. An annex or floater is a separate policy that provides additional valuable belongings safe and gives coverage against those who may suffer damage that are not included in the original policy, as would be accidental loss of these valuable objects.

Beware of banking insurance, especially life insurance

Apart from being a fraud law, will create so many problems that if anything happened, total disability, or death, most likely never copper such insurance, nor you. If a disability, or your family if there is a death. You may wonder why this happens. In principle, banks only sell product, besides expensive, it is treated as a sale more, and because they know they are covered and never pay that sure. Have you had an episode of health, you have not declared, for you is not a trivial matter.

Declares for example that has a heart disease, or have had cancer, the bank will never make you safe. That is why if convenience is interested in the insurance, because it has better conditions on the loan, should consider first if you are interested in, in any case it will be profitable, because is a very expensive product. Moreover any insurance company will offer the same much cheaper and much more professional product.

Based on the foregoing I suggest follow the following recommendations:

A request comes in the fine print a mandatory clause that give a period of time to recant hiring such insurance. If forced to sign to give him a loan immediately that the loan has been credited to your account, please contact the trading company, which comes in the urging request by fax or e-mail to the annulment of that policy. They cannot refuse to do so being within the stipulated period. In the case of mortgage loans if given in writing is an unfair term.

In case of a significant amount requires that you do a medical examination, which is free, that way the bank or insurance company will bear full responsibility.

However, in my experience, although everything right and are entitled to collect insurance, bank and insurance company will put all kinds of obstacles, will request new documentation, etc., it is why we must act in the way I told them, carrying the responsibility of that sure about who makes sure, are you.

Who put them in advance the drawbacks and problems, so that is not useful or cost-effective for that bank recruitment, but mostly read everything contained in the application, an issue that banks do not like, make them sign without information and then come the consequences.

As a final recommendation I would say that should not hire any type of insurance (life, home, car, etc.) through banks, are too expensive, provide a lamentable service and many problems will be avoided.

Average cost of insurance for small businesses

An insurance for a small business typically involves covering liability, property and health. Various types of small businesses can buy a package of small business which will cover many of your insurance needs. The saguaros be customized to include additional coverage options that may affect the price of the policy. The average cost of a policy can vary, depending on the coverage that the company requires.

Property insurance

Property insurance provide protection against various types of business losses, including fire, theft and vandalism. Even they offer business interruption insurance, which help cover the costs if the business should close temporarily. The cost of a property insurance policy depends on various factors such as type of business, location and the coverage selected.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance offer protection in case of injury of customers or visitors to your small business. The cost of this type of policy is typically based on sales and payroll estimates. For example, a business could pay US $ 2 to US $ 4 of liability insurance for each US $ 1,000 of sales. Insurance companies use other factors to determine the policy prices, including previous incidents and type of business.

Health insurance

Small businesses usually offer health care coverage for their employees. The cost of such insurance varies, depending on the plan selected and other factors. Small businesses can choose from a variety of insurance plans. A new type of coverage for small groups, called Health First, will soon be available in New Hampered. The insurance plan focused on welfare will cost small businesses between US $ 4,000 and US $ 6,000 per month, representing savings of US $ 1,000 or US $ 1,000 per month compared with similar plans.


The small business that buys insurance policies can choose from several deductible. The deductible is the amount you will pay the insured before the company cover its part to make a claim. The cost of the policy premium can vary widely, depending on the selected deductible amount. Deductibles in a policy of small business vary between US $ 250 and US $ 1,500 or more. Higher deductibles reduce the premium cost. But also increases the amount of money you have to pay claims.


The premium charged by an insurance policy for small business can vary significantly in each insured. Calls budgets several insurance policies, making sure the coverage’s offered are comparable, before making a decision. The insurers use many factors when determining how much to charge you, including the location of the building, its commercial use, the age of the building, as well as any applicable discounts. A small business owner might pay between US $ 2,000 and US $ 5,000 annually for their insurance coverage.

Auto Insurance what do you need

You need a car insurance but do not know which one to choose? Like it or not, if you have or you are going to buy a car, you must buy a policy for your vehicle. You have to know that there are different types of policies according to the needs of each owner. It is important to clarify some concepts before decanters by a type of insurance and, above all, it will be important to apply common sense to choose the company and the insurance that best suits your personal situation.

Third party insurance: It is a policy that includes coverage Compulsory Liability, and in most cases includes: voluntary civil liability, travel assistance, legal defense and insurance of the driver. Its main objective is to cover the damage we cause to others, but may include other coverage, according to the company.

Third extended insurance: refers to insurance that includes all the above plus theft, fire and moons. As we see, the policies accumulate, becoming more complete.

Insurance: When third – party insurance and extended, are added own damage, i.e. including accident damage to the vehicle itself because the insured. In some companies it may also be offered this insurance with another series of “minor” or add toppings like: defense in fines, withdrawal of driving license, repair loans, vehicle replacement or major damage.

Insurance with franchise: is a type of policy that is spreading lately and it’s like all risk incorporating a franchise. This means that in case of compensation, the euro first X (the amount of the franchise) will be paid by the user.

Lately they seem to take shape new forms of insurance, such as:

  • Third duty
  • Broaden third-combined with excess

As you can see, the options for your car insurance are many and in fact, the same type of insurance coverage can vary from one company to another. Although there is a widespread view that the third party insurance is cheap and has few toppings, while the insurance is expensive and has many toppings, when hiring your insurance should be well informed of what coverage’s fit your case individual and what you offer insurance.

Are all types of life insurance policies have a cash surrender value?

The insurance of life is offered in two basic types: temporary and overall life. What you choose depends on your situation familiar, age and goals of saving. Some, but not all, life insurance policies will save and invest money, and some have a cash value. It is important to understand how the rescue work in cash before signing any form of life insurance.

Temporary safe

If you do not need a savings vehicle, but still want to buy life insurance, you should consider a term policy. This is simply a policy that pays your beneficiaries if you die. You pay for the policy in installments, either monthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually. If you stop paying premiums, the policy falls. There is no value in the policy if it falls, and do not receive any money delivering it.

Entire life

A whole life policy is the combined life insurance with a savings or investment account. The premiums, which are higher than for term life insurance, paid by insurance and also represent a regular contribution to a separate account, which gradually rises in value as you continue paying premiums. Investments in the account can go to mutual funds, money market funds or other investment instruments that are under professional management.


While pay the premiums, whole life policy gradually builds a cash value increases as the investment account. If you borrow against this value, the insurance company does not restrict how you use or return the money. The loan may bear interest you must pay, or the insurance company can contribute the same amount of money to the account, while the loan is outstanding to earn interest again. The amount that you borrowed simply subtracted from the cash value until you pay.

Rescue value

The cash value also represents the “surrender value” of the policy. This is the amount of money you receive if you give the policy, an option that is open for all the time you’re paying premiums. If you decide to give up the policy, the insurance company follows surrender charges and any outstanding loan and interest charged on loans. You lose coverage life insurance and waivers to the investment account.