Choosing a health insurance

Do you know all the options when hiring health insurance, how much it can cost or what coverage‚Äôs you should never miss in the policy are? If you still do not know and you’re thinking about hiring one it is best to first analyze all these points.


Insurance vary widely and are subject to an infinite number of clauses that, in many cases, unknown; so it is advisable to read the specifications to subject each of them before making a decision and hire.

Health insurance are divided into several types: individual insurance, family insurance and group insurance, which put the average annual premium for each 600 euros.

The more general clauses affecting, at first, the price of health insurance are the age, the sex, and the population in which it resides who intends to purchase health insurance. Although, add toppings or expand people who want to include in the policy may increase the insurance rates in a good amount. Even the profession that exercise can make us change the price of the policy.

The possibility of creating safe as causes conditions in each company vary widely, so evaluate different options to buy a policy is highly recommended. In addition, currently there are many insurance companies that provide their services, so the offer is very varied.

Variables that affect directly

The sex is one of the variables that most influence the price of insurance. Policies for women of childbearing age are usually more expensive than those of men. However, due to the services and attention that can reach pregnant women need.

Instead, after 60 years, the positions are reversed. The insurance price increases for men because they are a risk factor and often need more care as they age.

Thus, differences in the final price of health insurance can vary by more than 100 euros between a young person (between 20 and 25 years), or an adult over 60 years.

The place of residence is one of the factors that have impact on the total amount of insurance. Sometimes it is difficult to understand this factor that impinges so directly in the price. The explanation for this is that health services have the same cost in one or another autonomous community; as well as personnel costs and technology, which does not cost the same in each territory, so policies vary by geographic location in which we find ourselves.

We all want to be covered against possible contingencies

Health care insurance are the most demanded by the population. They usually offer a standard coverage including, in most cases, medical, hospital and surgical care. This type of insurance have a number of agreements with clinics and hospitals, plus some doctors determined that policyholders can be cared for in comfort in these centers, regardless of where they are.