Car Insurance

Fill in one form and compares over 30 budgets

You can compare the price range that offer insurance as well known as Allianz offers companies specializing in cheap car insurance as Hotline, Alumna or Direct Insurance.

Value hedges to help you decide

Detail Car Insurance Policy Our system does not just provide a simple comparison, but goes beyond. It includes a comprehensive assessment of the main coverage’s offered by each policy, since under a common name as “insurance” important differences in the amount and scope of items covered by each insurer hide.

If we compare such a policy throughout most basic risk of an insurance company low cost with standard policy, you will see that in case of accident during the 3rd year of age of the vehicle, the compensation paid by the low cost entity is about 30% less. Given that the average price of a car in Spain is 20,000 €, this would mean a difference of 6,000 €. In other words, we would have saved a few hundred euros on car insurance in the first years to lose thousands in the event of a major incident, who after all was why we had hired the policy.

Save € 1,200 over the life of your car

Try our comparator to analyze the market offers with your current insurance, both in terms of prices and in terms of coverage. Based on this you can determine your potential annual savings. If, for example, you save 150 euros per year over the lifetime of a vehicle 8 years would total savings of 1200 euros! Once you find the insurance that suits you, contact easily with it, because in the search results page we provide the link with the companies through a reference so you do not have to repeat your data when hiring your car insurance.