Auto Insurance what do you need

You need a car insurance but do not know which one to choose? Like it or not, if you have or you are going to buy a car, you must buy a policy for your vehicle. You have to know that there are different types of policies according to the needs of each owner. It is important to clarify some concepts before decanters by a type of insurance and, above all, it will be important to apply common sense to choose the company and the insurance that best suits your personal situation.

Third party insurance: It is a policy that includes coverage Compulsory Liability, and in most cases includes: voluntary civil liability, travel assistance, legal defense and insurance of the driver. Its main objective is to cover the damage we cause to others, but may include other coverage, according to the company.

Third extended insurance: refers to insurance that includes all the above plus theft, fire and moons. As we see, the policies accumulate, becoming more complete.

Insurance: When third – party insurance and extended, are added own damage, i.e. including accident damage to the vehicle itself because the insured. In some companies it may also be offered this insurance with another series of “minor” or add toppings like: defense in fines, withdrawal of driving license, repair loans, vehicle replacement or major damage.

Insurance with franchise: is a type of policy that is spreading lately and it’s like all risk incorporating a franchise. This means that in case of compensation, the euro first X (the amount of the franchise) will be paid by the user.

Lately they seem to take shape new forms of insurance, such as:

  • Third duty
  • Broaden third-combined with excess

As you can see, the options for your car insurance are many and in fact, the same type of insurance coverage can vary from one company to another. Although there is a widespread view that the third party insurance is cheap and has few toppings, while the insurance is expensive and has many toppings, when hiring your insurance should be well informed of what coverage’s fit your case individual and what you offer insurance.