Beware of banking insurance, especially life insurance

Apart from being a fraud law, will create so many problems that if anything happened, total disability, or death, most likely never copper such insurance, nor you. If a disability, or your family if there is a death. You may wonder why this happens. In principle, banks only sell product, besides expensive, it is treated as a sale more, and because they know they are covered and never pay that sure. Have you had an episode of health, you have not declared, for you is not a trivial matter.

Declares for example that has a heart disease, or have had cancer, the bank will never make you safe. That is why if convenience is interested in the insurance, because it has better conditions on the loan, should consider first if you are interested in, in any case it will be profitable, because is a very expensive product. Moreover any insurance company will offer the same much cheaper and much more professional product.

Based on the foregoing I suggest follow the following recommendations:

A request comes in the fine print a mandatory clause that give a period of time to recant hiring such insurance. If forced to sign to give him a loan immediately that the loan has been credited to your account, please contact the trading company, which comes in the urging request by fax or e-mail to the annulment of that policy. They cannot refuse to do so being within the stipulated period. In the case of mortgage loans if given in writing is an unfair term.

In case of a significant amount requires that you do a medical examination, which is free, that way the bank or insurance company will bear full responsibility.

However, in my experience, although everything right and are entitled to collect insurance, bank and insurance company will put all kinds of obstacles, will request new documentation, etc., it is why we must act in the way I told them, carrying the responsibility of that sure about who makes sure, are you.

Who put them in advance the drawbacks and problems, so that is not useful or cost-effective for that bank recruitment, but mostly read everything contained in the application, an issue that banks do not like, make them sign without information and then come the consequences.

As a final recommendation I would say that should not hire any type of insurance (life, home, car, etc.) through banks, are too expensive, provide a lamentable service and many problems will be avoided.