10 situations not covered by home insurance

Protect our home with home insurance is important to avoid taking the cost of a loss, but there are situations that insurance will take care never. In Kleist we tell you what to do not take surprises.

In US there are 16.9 million insured households, of which 23.8% reported a loss for 2013, ie more than four million households had some type of accident or mishap.

Although having a home insurance guarantees not have to bear the cost of most of the accidents that occur in our house, all insurance have exclusions. Even though we hire a policy of high – end protection of our house will not be complete as there are situations that are not covered by home insurance , either because it is general exclusions that companies apply to all their policies, or because the company is not willing to take that risk.

Here we tell you what the main situations not covered by home insurance are

Damage facilities in disrepair. As policy makers a household have a number of obligations. The main thing is to keep in perfect condition the insured risk, so that the damage caused by lack of maintenance will not be covered by insurance. For example, if our house is flooded and it is found that the pipe that caused the problem was in disrepair, the company will not be repaired, limiting its intervention to the location of the fault, forcing us to bear the cost of the repair. 

Electrical damage suffered by bulbs, lamps, halogen, fluorescent or the like.

Accidents smoker, i.e., damage caused by poorly extinguished cigarettes and damage suffered by objects fall individually into the fire, as well as those that occurred by direct or indirect contact with a heat source.

Theft outside the insured home is a very common exclusion: if we steal the portfolio or other assets while we’re on the street, or even in a public place, the company will not indemnify us for any damage.

Breakage. Only accidental glass breakage, sanitary ware and marble covers. If accidental breakage of any property occurs, will not be covered unless you have contracted coverage Accidental Risk Everything.

Damage caused by snow, water, sand, dust if they penetrate the doors or windows that have been left open or have a defective closure.

Jewelry. If we declare a capital of jewelry and indicate that they are in a safe, the company will not be responsible if at the time of the theft were outside the box.

 Expenses unblocking pipes. Most companies do not take care of unblocking pipes. In case there is damage, they may be repaired, but never unblocking expenses.

Property situated outdoors, gardens or open units. Damages that occur in garden furniture, either by theft or by atmospheric phenomena will not be covered.

Damage caused by wind or rain of moderate intensity. For home insurance attend the rain or wind damage must overcome an intensity and minimum speed, which must be corroborated with a weather report.

Tips to be better protected

So you do not find you by surprise with a lack of protection in your home, it is recommended that, before hiring your insurance, follow these steps:

Analyze your needs and select the policy that will provide more adequate coverage.

Check the features and situations covered by your policy and compensation limits and checks its exceptions and exclusions.

Check if the policy includes any kind of franchise and revises the limits of compensation per claim fixed and the value of replacements. For example, most policies indicate that compensation for a damaged well is done again value rather than actual value.

The most comprehensive home insurance

Within the home insurance there is a wide range of options. Depending on the extent of their coverage can be classified as basic, medium and high type.

Insurance basic home: are simply marketing products containing the most important basic coverage. They are suitable for customers looking for a product at a competitive price without leaving your home unprotected, for example, those seeking to transfer her rent. In this category are:

Catalan Plata or General Practice: despite being within the category of basic insurance, all have insurance coverage midrange, but with lower limits of compensation. They include mugging outside housing, and electrical damage to 100% while its competitors exclude or limit. The liability amounts to $150,000.

Basic Zurich: in the case of electrical damage, indemnifies $1,200. It covers 100% of the repair costs and broken marbles, tiles and glass – ceramics. Compensated with $300 in the event of fraudulent use of credit cards. 

Insurance average household: provide wide coverage and compensation limits. Flexible products to suit customer needs to ensure all types of housing. In this range stand out:

General comfortable: is one of the companies with the best coverage in the case of refrigerated goods. It covers damage frost and heat, and accidental breakage of health of any materials, glass and even flower pots. The liability amounts to $300,000.

Allianz: is one of the companies includes, without extra premium, repairing appliances, DIY service year in our house and all the essential coverage of home insurance. They undertake to return the money of the policy if a professional does not contact the customer in less than an hour since the party announced.

Standard axe: stands for $1,500 to cover up the theft of cash in a safe and stealing $300 cash out of it.

Insurance high home: they stand out as having the most complete coverage of the market. They are suitable for customers who want maximum protection. In this category are:

Axe top: covers up to $1,500 in cash theft in safe and 100% of breaking glass, marble, tiles and glass – ceramics.

General exclusive: notable for including coverage Accidental All Risk, locating and repairing leaks without existing damage and aesthetic damage content.

Ampere total:  the key advantage is that it includes all Accidental Risk. It includes service appliance repair and DIY. It covers 100% of the costs of replacement keys or locks.

As seen, there are a variety of products on the market. Now we just analyze our situation and, with the help of tools to get the price of our home insurance, choose the insurance that best suits our needs and expectations.

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